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  • CH Fairhaven's Prince Tobias IV
    This is Toby, our handsome and wiley Tri-color boy. He is out of our Blenheim Queen, Izjah (retired).

    Toby is retired now, but he is the dog with whom I began my start down the path of showing, a most cherished hobby that I truly enjoy. I learned A LOT as the handler at the top of his lead. Lessons big and small, all in the Bred By class, where I eventually earned my 1st Bred By Champion and initial Champion overall.

    It was hard work but we are very proud of this accomplishment!
  • Toby at 6 weeks old
    Proof that big things come in small packages!
  • CH Fairhaven's Red Ala-Kazaam
    This is Charlie (now retired), our gorgeous Ruby boy, out of our Ruby Girl, Rose (retired).

    We were very excited to bring out this handsome gent. We completed his championship through the regular classes, making him my 2nd male Champion to proudly add to our ranks!
  • Charlie at 7 weeks old
    Downright irrisistible!
  • Fairhaven's A.K.A Boz
    This is Dickens (now retired), our stoic Blenheim boy. He is out of our Blenheim Queen, Izjah (retired) and is littermate to Elfeeni.

    For those who don't know... Boz is a pen name Charles Dickens published some of his works under.

    Dickens, our "prancing-pony" boy is a sweet, loving, mush-ball. We adore him!
  • Dickens at 12 weeks old
    As cute as the Dickens!
  • Fairhaven's Tuxedo Knight
    This is Armani, our our handsome Black & Tan boy.

    Armani is Bling's littermate and son of Moxxie & Toby.

    He has grown up to think himself quite a charmer with the ladies, and shows it with a beautiful spring in his step. We are very excited to be bringing him up through the Bred By class!
  • Armani at 8 weeks old with Moxxie
    Looking quite handsome!
  • Fairhaven's Going For Baroque
    This is Sebastian, our beautiful Tri-color boy, from Inez Cavaliers.

    This boy is a prancing prince in the yard!

    He is a fun-spirited boy, who loves to chase bubbles and bugs all over the place! He is always playful and he is next in line to strut his stuff in the show ring!
  • Sebastian at 8 weeks old
    Just as sweet as can be!
  • Inez' Standing Room Only
    This is our sweet, adoring boy, Crush. And I must say, I certainly do have a crush on him!

    Crush has been working as a therapy dog at a local nursing home. He is especially gifted in this field and comes by it so naturally, as though it is his true calling. We are very proud of this very important work of his!
  • Crush at 5 months old
    Just look at those sweet eyes!
  • Inez' Sweet Indulgence At Fairhaven
    This very special boy is named Cappuccino, which (in the coffee variety) as it happens is one of my most favorite sweet indulgences. So he is perfectly named, indeed!

    Cappuccino is out of CH Mileslip Licorice and Inez' Sweet Surprise. And what a sweet surprise he was when he was unexpectedly presented to me for my 50th birthday! I am thrilled thinking into the future of showing this fun-tastic wonderful boy!
  • Cappuccino at 8 weeks old
    What a little looker!

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Each of our boys are loved and adored, and are the Kings (and in some cases the "Princes") of their castles. But never to be a pauper, just like the girls, our boys are fed a mix of high premium foods and wholesome treats. They see the vet on a regular basis and no expense is spared to keep them as healthy as possible. They enjoy walks and visits to the dog park, and each is appropriately spoiled by family members who cherish and care for them. In the event one of our esteemed boys is chosen for breeding, the matches that are made are done so with the intention to enhance bloodlines for conformation and health. Each breeding takes place with supervision and is gently handled with the greatest of care.



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