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The Cavalier is a fun-loving, affectionate and loyal companion who will slobber you with wet kisses and is likely to take up permanent residence in your lap. This breed is the portrait of a perfect family pet. Their large sweet eyes and puppy-faced appearance (which they keep for life) make them very hard to resist.

The Cavalier is a sporting toy spaniel with the lively instincts of their larger cousins the Springer and Cocker Spaniel, all in a small, portable package. They are hugely adaptable to either city or country life with really only two main requirements: Companionship and Love.

Cavaliers come in four colors: Black and Tan, Tri-color (black, white and tan), Blenheim (white and deep chestnut) and Ruby (entirely deep chestnut). They have “wash-n-wear” fur which makes it easy to keep up with grooming and they only need occasional bathing.

Cavaliers are alert and active. They have a gentle nature and are excellent with children. Cavalier puppies are small, and running feet and excited hands could cause accidental injury, so supervision with children is recommended.

The Cavalier is AN INDOOR DOG. Though they are sturdy and hardy and can handle cold temperatures, they are not a breed meant to be left outdoors. CAVALIERS DO SHED, especially in spring and fall. If you do not want an indoor dog or a dog that sheds, the Cavalier is not for you.

The adoring Cavalier is a trusting breed who most likely will give any visitor a loving wet welcome. Unknown persons in the yard are really just friends not yet met, and though a prowler may receive a noisy greeting, it’s difficult to picture anyone being scared off by this breed. If you are looking for a guard dog, definitely keep looking.

Exercise is very important for all breeds and since Cavaliers love walks, this is a wonderful way to help maintain your Cavalier's health. No breed of dog is completely free of health risks and for the Cavalier, MVD (Mitral Valve Disease) and SM (Syringomyelia) are the prevalent concerns. A reputable breeder is very aware and educated regarding these conditions. Do not be afraid to broach this subject with breeders when you are inquiring about puppies and breeding adults in their program.

All in all, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s size, personality, and adaptability makes for a wonderful pet and perfect traveling companion. So, whether you are young or old, have a family or live alone, the companionship, temperament, small size, and easy going manner of this breed makes them an easy addition to almost any home.