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  • GCH Mysticknight's Moxxie Roxx It
    This is Moxxie, our beautiful Black & Tan girl, from Mysticknight Cavaliers.

    She went "zero-to-sixty" to complete her championship getting three 5 point majors in a row!

    She completed her Grand Championship in record time as well. We are extremely proud of this accomplishment!
  • Moxxie at 6 weeks old
    So adorable!
  • CH Fairhaven's Enchanting Elfeeni
    This is Elfeeni, our sweet and adorable Blenheim girl out of our Blenheim Queen, Izjah (retired).

    She became my 2nd Bred By Champion in Feb. 2015 in Arizona at the Sahuarro State Kennel Club show! What a fun, exciting day!
  • Elfeeni at 6 weeks old
    An absolute little darling!
  • Willowwood Apple Of My Eye
    This is Apple, our adorable and sweet Tri-color girl, from Willowwood Cavaliers.

    We have been very excited watching this little sweetheart grow into a full beauty.

    She has wonderful markings, including rear black markings halfway down her back legs that we like to call "having pants on". She is now a champion! We are so proud, and looking forward to what is coming in the future!
  • Apple at 11 weeks old
    I just love that cute little monkey face!
  • Fairhaven's Sotheby Gem
    This is Bling, our beautiful and sweet, Ruby girl.

    She is out of our Grand Champion Black & Tan girl, Moxxie and Champion Tri-color boy, Toby.

    She is now a Champion herself, and halfway to her Grand Championship. We hope to finish her up this season!
  • Bling at 8 weeks old with Moxxie
    Just look at that adorable expression!
  • Fairhaven's My Forever Sunshine
    This is Trinket, our newest little Blenheim girl.

    She is out of our Bred-By Champion girl, Elfeeni and a beautiful blenheim boy named Eli (GCH CH Bellavita From The First Moment).

    What a a spirited and fun-loving little girl! Trinket loves to play and romp and chase bubbles and toys and just about everything! She is a joy to have, and we are enjoying watching her grow!
  • Trinket at 6 weeks old.
    If this isn't cute I just don't know what is!
  • Fairhaven's Moon Of My Life
    This is Khaleesi (for those of you who are fans of Game of Thrones--You Know!) She is out of our Grand Champion Black & Tan girl, Moxxie, and our Champion Ruby boy, Charlie.

    She is so adorable and sweet, and we just love this precious little darling!
  • Khaleesi at 9 weeks
    Full of spunk and sweet as peaches!

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Each of our girls are loved and adored. They are fed a mix of high premium foods and wholesome treats. They see the vet on a regular basis and no expense is spared to keep them as healthy as possible. They are taken for walks and to dog parks, and are appropriately spoiled by family members who cherish and care for them. On the occassion one of our prized girls has a litter, they give birth to their babies in the home alongside the comforting presence of their humans who have made it their business to be there for them on a fulltime basis. Their puppies, once they are old enough to leave the whelping pen, are raised up romping and wrestling on the family room floor, hugged and cuddled, all the way until the day that a dedicated family, just like ours, comes to take them home.



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