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My name is Angela Schuller. In the past I bred and raised Golden Retrievers. Now, with the help of my family, I raise and show beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Experience has taught me many lessons. I have faced nearly every situation (the happy along with the sad) that comes with breeding. It takes special skill, dedication, and knowledge of the breed to be successful. The road is not always easy. But when I hold a tiny, wiggling, newborn pup full of life and promise, I fill with awe knowing I am holding a tiny little miracle in my very own hands. I watch these cute "little buttons" grow and open their eyes to the big wide world, and as they begin to discover all that it holds, I take pride in knowing I'm embarking on a truly worthwhile journey.

My passion for what I do, "My Art", is deeply wedged in my heart. I am proud to say that I am an experienced breeder you can trust. Our Cavalier puppies are raised in ideal surroundings with lots of space, indoors and out, nestled in the midst of a nice community. They are nurtured and kept close and warm in a loving environment, and they grow up right under our feet.

In our home our puppies' journey begins in the whelping box, located in a cozy room off our mian rooms. With constant care and attention from us, this is where mom and pups spend all their hours for the first weeks. At around 4 weeks, everyone's scenery changes because everyone needs more room. The whelping box is replaced with a cozy bed surrounded by a pen, which becomes a place to frolic and explore. It is also the time we introduce "potty grass" to seperate the sleeping area from the "potty area" to begin the first steps of potty training. At around 6 weeks, their world expands even more when they are introduced to the great outdoors. A special outdoor play pen right outside our bedroom door includes a bed, potty grass area, and our " Puppy Palace"! It's a cute, miniature house just for momma and babies with a ramp leading to an upper level cozy and private den. All of these milestones are steps in the bittersweet journey that moves us toward the time when the puppies will leave us to begin a whole new adventure; A new and wonderful life with YOU!

But before that day arrives, my family and I work very hard to make sure they learn all the many important things they must along the way. From day one our puppies have constant, loving human contact. They are handled gently and often each day, and each step they take into the world is carefully observed and guided. As the puppies grow and their world expands, important stages in learning and development are reached. Both mom and littermates play vital roles in social behavior development, and so for the first several weeks they are constantly together. When they are older and become more independent, we begin to integrate them into their “human pack”.


*Our puppies are used to having every inch of their bodies handled because not only are they held often each day, but starting from the day they are born, we give them gentle, full-body massages. This gets them comfortable having their paws, ears, toes, tails, etc., handled and examined, which makes trips to the vet, and getting groomed and bathed easier. It also induces calmness and a relaxed state of mind, which helps instill complete trust in us as their leaders. OH! And it also turns them into excellent couch companions!

*Our puppies are very well socialized. We understand the vital lessons taught both by mom & littermates and we allow for this important, natural learning to take place. As our puppies mature we introduce them gradually to different types of social settings and a variety of interactions which include: Attention from visitors of varied ages; Walks on a harness and car rides; And even things like vacuum cleaners--getting exposed to various household noises at an early age helps eliminate fear and anxiety, and helps to build confidence. We also introduce the basics of house training!

With our help house training is a WHIZ!

*Our puppies eventually become well adapted to time away from mom and littermates. They become content to sleep and eat in a crate. At around 6 to 7 weeks we begin taking each pup off alone for short periods of time to develop their own identity and to minimize separation trauma. During this time they are played with one on one and also introduced to their crate at slow, increasing intervals. This makes the transition to their new home at 10 weeks less frightening and more peaceful!

*Our puppies are accustomed to wearing a harness and walking on a leash. It’s part of what we introduce during our one to one contact. Because, as every dog knows, walks are fun, fun, fun!