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A trusted breeder of integrity raising beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Located in the Phoenix West Valley in the heart of Buckeye, Arizona


I am a loving show enthusiast and devoted breeder exclusive to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.


  • *Love & Care*

  • *Optimum Health*

  • *Complete Soundness of Mind & Body*

  • *Proper Socialization*

  • AND YOU!

Ocassionally we have litters. When we do, first and foremost, adults are thoughtfully bred for the love and advancement of the breed. Puppies are born at our bedside, raised in a healthy, loving home, and always bred from lines of quality and health. Click this link to read our BELIEF STATEMENTS

All adults receive board certified exams for Heart & Eyes. On the occassion we have puppies they are examined by qualified veterinarians and each puppy goes home with a health record.

now accepting deposits

We have a waiting list!

If we have a litter a hold for a puppy can be placed. It is possible that at some point you may be asked to place a deposit. If so, they are honored in the order received, which in turn will determine your pick order. As the breeder we always reserve the right to 1st pick Males & Females and Stud Pick Puppies for all litters. Each puppy is carefully evaluated to determine if they are best suited for our program or for placement. Click this link to be placed on our WAITING LIST

Feel free to call us! 623-386-8754