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Well, for starters I can tell you that it doesn't guarantee health. That may come as a surprise to some, but if you really think about it, placing a guarantee on health is impossible. No one can guarantee health, not even the most creditable breeder. What a guarantee actually reveals is the ethics of your chosen breeder.

What it tells you is that he or she has invested time in creating a long standing history for their lines.

This, combined with results of DNA and diagnostic testing, serve as marks of integrity in a breeder's program, along with their own long-standing, good reputation. These qualities and more are what come together to  formulate what you can feel assured is a true and trusted "Health Guarantee". 


Here at Cavaliers of Fairhaven health is a Number One priority.

We routinely test our breeding cavaliers for the following : 


(Curly Coat/Dry Eye Syndrome, Episodic Falling Down Syndrome and Degenerative Myelopathy)





And in more rare cases, we will run a partial MRI for the detection of COMS

(Caudal Occipital Malformation Syndrome)

 formerly referred to as Chiari Malformation in dogs

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Even with all the above tests, along with feeding a quality diet and added supplements, there still is no guarantee that an issue with health will not arise, especially as our Cavaliers age. So it also falls into the hands of Owners, to continue the healthy start given by your breeder by following up with the same dedication to your Cavalier's health their whole life through. This includes keeping up  with vaccinations, protecting against various worms and other carried diseases, regular vet visits, which also includes routine dental care. (Small breed dogs are particularly prone to periodontal and gum disease!) Some common non-life threatening conditions common with the Cavalier and not usually covered under a health guarantee are umbilical hernia, undescended testicle, and parasites.

I Stand Behind Every Puppy And Will Always Be There For YOU!

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