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Animated gif of cavalier puppies playing with a red ball
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Our roots began in our home state of Minnesota. 
By 2016 our 5 children were all grown up and graduated, 
and out to pursue their own goals and dreams.  
My mother lives here so it was then that we made the bold move to Buckeye, Arizona. 
My husband, Rob, is in construction working locally as an exterior finisher. 
As for me... Well, aren't I the lucky one? 
My days are spent raising our adored Cavaliers! But I have combined my joy and knowledge of dogs and also currently operate a home business 
Giggly Dogs Small Dog Boarding & Daycare 
specializing in the care of only smaller breed dogs. Our household is full of continues non-stop fun and activity.

Arizona breeder, Angela Schuller, with her Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Gigly Dogs Smaldd Dog Daycare & Boarding Home

Hello! My name is Angela Schuller. In addition to my wonderful Cavaliers, I  have many other hobbies and loves. Here's a few to help you get to know me a little better.

Animated gif of a black and tan cavalier puppy running back and forth.
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